Asiya Abdul Zahir, Buddhist Women Choosing Islam Way

Once converted to Islam, his name became Asiya Abdul Zahir. Both his parents are Buddhists, but he felt as a Christian school in the school because he was Christian and the Christian environment.
“I always believe in the existence of only one Creator, where all that is heavily dependent on the Creator. Since the age of 13, the sole creator of this, every day I pray and ask directions,” said Asiya told his life before converting to Islam.

“Unfortunately, at that time my knowledge of Islam is still minimal. I view Islam as a religion is weird, just for a handful of nations are still underdeveloped, which are mostly located in the Middle East, which restrict religious lifestyle, especially for women,” he continued .
Asiya who was not familiar with Islam more deeply, degrading Islam considers women, women in Islam are treated as slaves, experienced physical violence and forced to compete among the four women to win the affectionate husband (polygamy) and the husband can do anything against his wife his wife.
Asiya acknowledge that the assessment was based on what he often heard it and some documentary programs he had ever seen on television. His views began to change when he lectures at colleges and interact with some Muslim students from various backgrounds.
“Weird, I even feel weird myself, I am interested in them and was curious to learn and further understand their religion.”
“I noticed they were very happy, I was impressed with the openness and warmth of them on me and on others. But more importantly, I was impressed with the pride and sense of belonging to the religion which has always connoted with negative things,” said Aisha.
Little by little, he was amazed to Islam, and through the education process, he penghormatanya against the Islamic religion is growing, even when compared with respect to the Christian religion during the time he knew.
Asiya was amazed when he realized the error of his views during this against Islam, especially panilaiannya wrong about the position of women in Islam. “I realized the reality of Islamic lifestyle and the truth-related terms that created the American people about the ‘Islamic fundamentalism’,” said Asiya.
“More and more literature, signs and evidence that is disclosed to me, the more stimulated my intellect and my soul, feel the warmth. I want to know everything about Islam and I’ve felt a brotherhood and a sense of belonging among the people of Islam,” he said.
Asiya said, which impressed him most in Islam is, Islam is a practical religion and how Islam provides regulate the lives of all living things. “And for the gift of God, I finally understand the concept of error Christian theology and concepts that previously I have received without question,” added Asiya.
The climax of it all happened on August 4, 1994. In front of 20 witnesses, Asiya said two sentences creed and officially became a Muslim.
“I will never forget the day was full of grace, and how my life changed drastically in just one year. I am often asked, how it feels to become converts and what difficulties I faced. Although I do not want to talk about this issue, I still give an example whatever trouble I had, “said Asiya.
He acknowledged the severity of the challenge when he underwent his first fasting during Ramadan. Not to mention the attitude of his family who can not accept the Islamic Asiya. Asiya often receive harsh vituperation and even threats from her family. On many occasions, Asiya also experienced terror, compromised his room, his books are missing a lot of mysteriously and sms messages containing slander against him, sent to friends and parents of friends Asiya.
“If I want to read, or talk on the phone, everything is done by stealth. Similarly, if I wanted to go to mosques or places that hold a Muslim religious event. I just pray if it is to make sure there are no people around me, and I also can not express my excitement when Ramadan arrived, and did not share the happiness of seeing your friends are already wearing the Muslim headscarf, “said Asiya.
But Asiya not regard all this as the suffering of his life, because after embracing Islam, Asiya feel the satisfaction and peace that he had never felt before. (Ln / RHM)

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