Abu Bakar Ruben

The story of Abu Bakar Ruben’s quest started when he was in college. At that time he suffered much trouble. Close friend died of a drug addict. His parents divorced and he was experiencing financial difficulties.“I began to ask what is the purpose of life?” he said. Difficult events that occurred made Ruben to glance at religion.Ruben was raised in Melbourne by parents who do not believe in God. “As a child I was brought up to embrace Christianity, but my parents were atheists, so I tend to have a view of atheists,” said Ruben.
The first religion which he tries to learn is Christian. Incidentally a friend invited him to come to a spiritual camp. “They sing, their sound are good, but I am confused what it means,” said Ruben.
“They then say that God loves me.” Ruben surprise. “How could God love me while I had a dog he does not love me,” he said. Apparently at that time Ruben life aimlessly. He is not the type of person who can be relied upon, even though the request for help is their parents and he has a dog which he never mismanagement.
Not finding what he was looking he stepped back, now turn to the Catholic and Anglican Baptist. But there are things that make it annoyed every time he asked his followers. “They would open the gospel and then say ‘Oh, the answer is here my brother’ as they perceived,” said Ruben.
“Every time they answered they made some opinions, so I concluded of course many interpretations of Christianity,” he said. In fact, he added, that does not include differences in the church.
Between a pastor and other pastors could have different interpretations and each claimed one another. “The Gospel of taste but interpretations vary and each person can do, it’s very confusing,” he said.
Next he did encounter with Hinduism. He made friends with a devout belief that while working part time. “I was then introduced to the elephant-headed god.” Again Reuben asked, why should the elephant-headed god, what is the relationship with the elephant god. “Why not a lion? More powerful. For me highly illogical and difficult to understand.”
Investigate further he investigated the Jewish religion. “Yes my name is Abu Bakar Ruben, came from Rubenstein, a very Jewish name so I also tried to find out what it was Jews,” he said.
Until one day he met a Christian friend. “I asked how your search, what was you learn?” Ruben said. He answered all, started the Christian, Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Anglican but no one could pull his heart.
The friend asked, “What about Islam?”. Questions immediately struck by Ruben with scorn, “What is Islam? Why would I investigate the religion of terrorism? That’s crazy.”
But his body respond said another. “I do not know why and what moves me, which obviously I wear shoes, neatly dressed and go to the mosque. I do not have a clue, how I do it,” said Ruben.
Once inside the mosque, Ruben feel anxious. “I thought ‘Oh I’ll die here, I was the only white person in sight,” he said. When it is a Middle Eastern man with a big thick sideburns wearing an abaya approached. His name is Abu Hamza.
Sudden unexpected by Reuben, Abu Hamza greeted him with friendly and even asked someone else to make tea for Ruben. “I never imagined I would receive such treatment,” said Ruben.
He began to ask many questions, about his friends who had died, of what is past and the future. Abu Hamza, as manifested Ruben, stood to take the Qur’an and opened the book and shows a paragraph and ask for Ruben to read this and say the answer.
“It really strikes me,” he recalls. He also asked other difficult things, like why grow a beard, why use the hijab, why have four wives. “I thought it was tough questions, but really amazing, they always open the Qur’an and then give it to me to read. It is always they did prior to further review by the hadith books that also exist in the mosque,” said Ruben.
“They always open the Qur’an to answer and no opinion at all,” he said. Ruben then asked, “I’m curious about your opinion about this, about the rules.” Beyond hope Ruben, they replied, “I can not and should not be perceived on the Word of God.”
“Subhanallah, that’s what really touched me and always makes me think,” said Reuben, who had converted to Islam while telling his story. At night he brought home the Qur’an. “And when I read, I not only found the story, but as if there are something guiding me.”
He saw the Qur’an not only correct but also logical and scientific. He was amazed at how the Qur’an also describes the process of creation and birth of man, the narrative process of the fertilized egg cell to create blood clots, bone growth, blowing spirit to eventually form the fetus then ready to be born to the earth.
“This is what I was looking for, this is what I need,” he said. It took six months before he came to the conclusion. But when he wanted to make major changes, Reuben wants another justification for strengthening decision. “I was ready to make a big leap, but only want one drive, not necessarily large, even small enough,” he said.
For that he even had a dialogue to the God. “Come on God, one thing,” he mimicked his own words then. He sits in the middle of the dam with one candle lit room. Long he waited. Nothing happened.” Quite frankly very disappointed. “Ouch you miss a chance” said Ruben to God.
He returned to wait for a second sign. Again, no change, no clue. “Oh please do not disappoint me again. I am once again very disappointed.” Ruben said that finally decided to open the Qur’an. He stopped by a few verses, one of which reads “And he hath constrained the night and the day and the sun and the moon to be of service unto you, and the stars are made subservient by His command. Lo! herein indeed are portents for people who have sense. (Sura an Nahl:12)
Reading the paragraph then Reuben realized. “How dare i am demanding specific signs as I want. The sun and all creation on earth is a sign to us all,” said Ruben.
Once confident with the decision he returned to visit the mosque. “I do not know what to do and have to say anything, so I decided to mosque.” Arriving at the mosque was surprised to see Ruben room so full of people. It appears that as the first day of Ramadan.
Expresses its intention, he was asked to say shahadah. “It’s very messy, my guide said ‘ASYHADU’ I replied” As what?” to many times. Ludicrous.” Ruben recalls.
The guide insisted on Ruben that he had to say it in its original language, Arabic. The sentence can not be spoken in English. Practicing a few moments, Reuben is finally smooth oath. On the first day of Ramadan that he had officially become Muslim.
Once completed Ruben admitted there are loads who are interested in and escape out of her body. “I feel lighter,” he said. He thinks that time will get a welcome shout and Takbir ‘Allahu Akbar’. “But it was not, one by one they approached me, shook my hand.
“But it’s extraordinary events, very valuable and I can not forget. I feel happy because at that time I also got a lot of brothers.”
Knowing he converted to Islam, his parents got worried. “They’re afraid I’ll suddenly have shouldered an AK 47 and holding a grenade,” he said. “I explained it was not possible. To be honest I feel calm. Mentally I am more stable, I am also more focused and they (the parents) see that change.” said Reuben.
By curiousity, his father, too, reading the Qur’an. They said to Ruben since becoming a Muslim he becomes a better person. “You become a more reliable, trustworthy and can be asked for help, ‘said Reuben imitate his father’s speech.”That’s what I feel and I will continue to believe in and explore this religion.”

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The light is truly rising from the west.

One of the signs of the last day, the prophet pbuh said, that the sun would rise from where it sets.

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First of all congratulate you on the edge in the dawa.
I have a Spanish-language blog I've posted the story of Rubin (Abu Bakr).

I wish that you will spend more stories of converts to Islam. I translate and put those on my blog if you agree.
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