Thierry Henry converts to Islam

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world famous football player and Striker of France national team Thierry Henry will soon converts to Islam after Michael Jackson did that ! he explained on Al jazeera Sport Channel

CNN TV Reportage - Converts to Islam in USA 2009

cnn tv news about the americans who converted the islam and found the right way !

US Guantanamo guard converts to Islam

As the US government moves to shutdown its detention centre at Guantanamo Bay, stories are emerging of the way it affected those inside.

Former inmates have talked about the deprivation and pressures they faced.

But Terry Holdbrooks was on the other side. He was a US soldier and he says he saw something in the behaviour of the inmates that changed him. He tells his story to Al Jazeera in his own words.

Muhammad Nubi (Thomas Hall) USA Revert Islam Turn To Islam


Thomas Hall Muhammad Nubi (Thomas Hall) is an American Revert to Islam. He was a Christian who went church and found nobody could answer the questions he had. He later heard about Islam and Allah and became inspired to learn more.

He initially joined the Nation of Islam movement with Malcolm X. However, he is now a proper Sunni Muslim who follows Islam according to the original teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. He talks about how he was attracted to Islam nearly over 30 years ago.

How he had to give up his job, his friends and even his wife in order to follow Islam. However, he is very happy now and he knows he made the right choice. Muhammad explains his journey to Islam as an American. He talks about problems with his parents and family and American society . Alhamdulillah, his sister became Muslim.

A Conversation with Ingrid Mattson

In this Pennsylvania State University video, Ingrid Mattson, the first female president of the Islamic Society of North America, talks about converting to Islam and the need for understanding the Muslim community. Mattson is a professor of Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations at Hartford Seminary in Connecticut.