Haji Maryam Mohammed Ahmed, American Muslima, She lives only to talk about Islam

Haji Maryam Mohammed Ahmed, American Muslima,

She lives only to talk about Islam

Webmaster: Sister Haji Maryam, responded to my call for Volunteers in the main page of www.usislam.org , now we work together in answering many Christians inquiring about Islam and Christianity in a civilized way. If you are a Christian, and want to talk about Islam and Christianity, please contact me or sister Haji Maryam.

My name is Maryam and I am an American Revert to Islam from Christianity. I also brought my Mother to Islam. I study only the Quran and Sahih Hadith (authentic books of the doings and sayings of the holy Prophet of Islam) I don't study Muslims because they don't represent Islam. If you would like to know the truth about Islam or have questions about things in Islam feel free to e-mail me anytime. I also have the holy Bible in memory as well being I studied Christianity most of my life, so I can relate to Christians who would like to ask questions. I don't try to push Islam on anyone and I would not make you feel bad for being who you are, Just God knows best! My door is always open, Islam is not for me but all humanity.

I live only to talk about Islam, I am available to talk to Christians about Bible and Quran,

Email: im_hear_786@yahoo.com

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Thank you and God Bless, Sister Haji Maryam

Growing up I was an only child and had plenty of time to reflect. I saw my Mothers struggles trying to be "a good Christian" funny thing is when ever she asked meaningful questions she was always turned away. We pounced around from church to church. Never finding what she was looking for. I always new My God and he were very kind to me but I was very lonely growing up I didn’t consider myself a Christian. I just couldn’t believe that the Bible was completely the word of God. I always knew something was missing, something just wasn’t right. I knew the Prophets were real. It was the stories I felt had been corrupted over time.

I only had my God, and I always new in my heart I would someday make God (Allah Subhanna Watallah) proud of me. I was visited by what I believe to be was Angels, they didn’t show themselves. I think they felt sorry for me because I was so sad. I was told one day you will be a big part of something that comes from God (Allah Subhanna Watallah). I was only about seven years old, but it made me cry. I felt safe happy calm. I always used that day as strength when I felt at the end of my rope.

Then in October 1998 I was traveling around Europe and on one occasion I was asked if I knew who Mohammed (saw) was. I replied Mohammed Ali the boxer? The questioner laughed at me. I didn’t find it amusing, so I asked him who was this Mohammed then. The man told me he was a messenger. I said messenger of what he said Islam. I had never heard this word before “Islam” I asked what is Islam he said “it’s a religion” (the amazing thing was I had never heard about Islam the entire 25 years of my life). I said like Hinduism or Buddhism? He said NO Mohammed (saw) was the last messenger. I said Jesus (as) is the last messenger. He went on to tell me not only was Mohammed (saw) the last messenger who came after Jesus (as) but he also had a book, the Quran and it is unchangeable unlike the Bible that was rewritten by King James. At this point I was very interested in knowing more but had no time to listen further, but that day was the day a seed was planted in my heart, it grew and grew and even today it continues to grow. I carried on learning and asking questions. For example I saw things in my travels like one morning the people (full of Muslim people) I was staying with all got up for breakfast and my friend was arguing with one of them. He said to him come on and eat with us the man happily said, “No thank you, I’m ok”. I looked at this man and wondered why he is happy not to eat with us. What is this book he is holding in his hands so respectfully? I later learned and realized that morning was the first day of Ramadan and he was reading the Quran. He was the only Muslim that was observing Ramadan. On another occasion I was walking with a friend and there was a group of people walking in the other direction and they called out to my friend and said to him come on come with us. My friend said no thank you I’m fine. I later learned and realized that those people were calling him to pray (my friend of course being a Muslim) couldn’t be bothered. That friend of mine was like a brother, actually he is my brother in Islam, but his faith is weak. Even today he will tell me don’t be a Muslim it’s not a good life. What he doesn’t realize it was because of him I became a Muslim. It was him that asked me if I knew Mohammed (saw). For all he knows Islam might just have saved him from the hell fire. If you bring someone to Islam, then you’re granted Heaven God willing. I had to learn Islam not from Muslim but direct from the Quran and the Sunnet (sahih hadith). After a year had passed I went to the United Kingdom and Asked for a Quran with an English translation. I had not made the choice to convert/revert to Islam yet. But three Imams came to tell me how to respect the Quran. They taught me about “Intention” and “Purification firstly and then talk a lot of respecting the Quran. They said it was unlike any other book. By time I finished listening to them and had a bath with my intentions. They then handed me the Quran. As the Quran was laid in my hands and everyone left the room, I just sat there crying. From that time on I have been alone. And I have never been happier in all my life. I converted to Islam on July 7.1999 Allhumdolilah! Allah hou Akbar. With love for the sake of Allah, Sister Haji Maryam.

Email: "asalam alikoom" <asalamalikoom@yahoo.com>

source :www.usislam.org

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