Drs. Alifuddin El-Islamy (d/h Siong Thiam ) :

not necessarily a serious disease disastrous to someone. Sometimes bring wisdom, which seemed very large for life and the future of the people. Benarlah any of those wise, things are hikmahnya. These incidents have been experienced by Thiam Siong, which later became Alifuddin El-Islamy, a propagandist and one of the head of the DPP in the Chinese Islamic Association of Indonesia (PITI)

Born in a Chinese family environment confession Toapekkong in the region PTP Plantation V Sei Reef, Garden Land of the King (about 50 km from the city of Medan). Born on May 18 in 1954 with the name Thiam Siong (Hokkien dialect) or Song Thien in the Mandarin dialect.

Since the small, destitute and mamanya, have been wont Thiam Siong Her younger sister and the tenth person to conduct religious ceremonies with the good.

For example, invited prayers in the temple or at home, such as worship angels (pay-sin) and mid-end of each month. Also worship the month (pay-guek nio) every 15 months 1 and 15 months 8 (in the Chinese calendar). At the beginning of each year, they worship the God of Heaven (Thi Kong), but more often called Pay Jhit Thau (sun worship).

Environmental plantation with the various tribes of the work, such as the Malay Deli, the Batak, Mandailing, and also the descendants of Java, has membentukpergaulan Thiam Siong. Since it is small familiar with i-which consists of various tribes.

And, of association with the environment in this small start Siong Thiarn recognize other religions outside the religious keIuarganya. he already can feel how meriahnya Muslims celebrate Idul Fitri (Lebaran) and the Christians celebrate Christmas.

After primary school in Plantation Land of the King, Thiam Siong continue to junior high school State Mudgee (about 30 kilometers from Medan). In this school, he began to know the basic teachings of Islam, which was delivered My Syahruddin acids in the religion in the schools. In fact, for students that Islam can not leave the classroom during lessons religion (Islam) is. However, Thiam Siong choose dalamn remain in the classroom.

When my mother delivered the tenth sister, two apparently identical. One died. By my father, who died was buried casually, without ceremony, as a rule, if the death was adult (parents).

In fact, petinya taken from the former soap box. How have heart when I see the reality is. How different from when I witnessed extraordinary honor given to an uncle when my parents have died. Any provision inserted to participate in the grave, sebagairnana prove a life that will travel far.

When the issue of the treatment that is different from my parents ask me, I made surprise. For, according to piham believed to be inherited by the Toapekkong that if the death was a small child or baby, so his death is considered a misfortune, unlucky bearer for the entire family.

Heard that such kecutlah my heart, because at that time still saga, including children (teenagers) are still in school. Since the incident, I shall be in doubt with the truth of the teachings of our family, because rarely distinguish from the human, not from charity perbuatannya.

Finding Religion
imageSejak events that disrupt the mind, I shall strive to find and learn other religion. Moreover, at that time (between the years 1966-1967) are rampant religious awareness-maraknva, coup d'etat after the failure of the PKI (Indonesian Communist Party), which is known as the G 30 S / PKI.

Where I see the mosque and mushala full. Like the church in the church. All that is of course my soul to the effect that a new age of 14 years. Because in our living environment where the majority of Islam, then I'm more attracted to Islam first.

However, when the contents of the teachings of Islam heard from my friends, so I think interested sirna immediately, because much of the teachings of Islam, which contrary to the hobby and my avocation.

According to the assessment of my time, the contents of the teachings of Islam is too heavy. Overmuch forbid habits and my avocation. This may not, it may not. No wonder, when I was more attracted to the teachings of Christianity, who is a Permitted by the teachings of the religion of our ancestors.

However, I did not immediately enter the Christian religion. Sava select one of fear, and later also forced to leave. I do not want called wishy-washy, a degree that is not well heard. But, I also began to collate the two religions (Islam and Christian) is, even with limited knowledge of the saga, based on lessons learned in school can and also from friends.

At the time of my life are searching for grip of life, Muslims in the environment we build the mosque. Pulitzer mosque was built exactly to the house with us. Wudhunya place that is open, across the kitchen setentang with the location of our house. So, on every evening, towards the west - I can see people interested and prayers there.

Initially, I only look in amazement of what they do, both interested and the usual prayers. But the long-run, it changed my views and expressed a fear that extraordinary, may be more than what they do and feel.

Taste, there is no religion that teaches hygiene and the majesty of this outcome, except the teachings of Islam. Clean clothes, clean body, clean place, and a clean heart, to face the Lord of the Mahasuci. Thus, I am also interested to start Islamic religious teachings.

It said, "This is the religion that must kupilih grip and make improvement." But unfortunately, too many of the teachings of Islam forbid my hobby and avocation.

The Malaria
On a day in February 1969, I suffered severe disease. I become emaciated and thin. I just lie in bed.

The word doctor, I suffer from malaria tropicana. Suddenly a shadow of a sudden excruciating penetrate into my heart. How not, when I die then, the hair stood Carmen imagine if I die at that time, while still considered bring bad luck for the family. Not to imagine what will be after I met are in the graves. At the time I expect that such help. But to whom?

Alternates later Toapekkong people who worshiped at the temple and the statue of Jesus that Christians worshiped at the church. However, both are not able to settle my kegundahan. Di.saat that, sayup-sayup.terdengar voice Adhan west
from the mosque next to the house. Terbayanglah by the time I pray they raise their hands and face, from the time they worship God with prayer raise both hands while couch. When they are in the holiness of God and silence facing them.

"Yes, God in the god that can help. He is only one God. God the creator of heaven and earth and its contents. God save the people of Islam. He can help." That inner voice saga that time.

I fully realized without, suddenly my lips speak slowly, "God give me kesemptan to enter religion, so I can practice the teachings of the religion-thy!"

God seems to provide the opportunity, and I feel the more I recover from the disease. Without waiting time longer - because I do not know whether I will recover or not true - I'm not going to leave home and family to a place where I can enter Islam.

Short stories, on Thursday, 3 April. 1969, in the mosque full Koronadal, I pledge two sentences confession, led My Hasan Basri, who witnessed the meeting room jamaah the mosque. Allahu Akbar!

After felt healed properly, I return home to their parents. Apparently household is subject keIslaman I know that. Mama welcome weep with sob. And, in dekapannya, I whisper a greeting that I can never forget throughout life. "It can not be menahanmu if you enter Islam. But the message here is, if embraced Islam be the true Islam. Do not her responsibility: If not, go back immediately before the increase much."

This is the message here is that I bring to the obligation to immediately understand and deepen the teachings of Islam. So, I get a new name Alifuddin El-Islamy any wanderers start demanding religious knowledge. After learning the Koran to My Ahmad Onga (ahnarhum) in Koronadal, I shall continue to learn lessons to Bukittinggi to Mr. Sabiran Gunung Datuk Kayo. After that, I act like a teacher to Buya H. Nawawi Arief in Padang Panjang, West Sumatra.

In addition to learning, I also undertake active. Some places I've singgahi. Even when. I amend to Palembang to continue their education IAIN Raden Fatah, I have been placed in the Development of spirituality PT Pupuk Sriwijaya Palembang, and worked there for 11 years. And now I'm active in the management DPP PITI as one of the Chairman PITI (Mualaf.com)

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