Long journey toward Islam, a Muslim American

Travel toward Islam is a long journey for Fred, a Muslim American. He had to learn a variety of confidence from Judaism, Christianity and eventually he became a atheis, because religion is not satisfactory, he learned his heart.

Religion is not answering his desire as a religion that he consider quite reasonable, religion, which explains all aspects of life, religion, which teaches sensitivity. Religion, which he learned, Judaism and other Christian religious tuding that other religions outside of it, one.

One day, when Fred visited the public library in Columbus, Ohio, he is accidentally saw a book titled 'The Holy Koran'. "I absolutely do not know about the Koran, but even I know little about Islam, I certainly know, Islam is a religion that teaches violence and terrorism," I WhyIslam Fred on the site.

But Fred still read 'book' and that he felt the language in the 'book' is behind the difficult period and be understood. "Need to learn to understand. Therefore I buy al-Qu'an in a bookstore and began to learn 'book' which is weird," said Fred.

Reading al-Quran, making Fred terkjut once more interested to learn. Surprised, because in the 'book' there are 114 Fred letter that, according to which there is not new. Letters that, said Fred, a statement from the back and the simplification of the contents of the Old Testament and New Testament We.

"This book, al-Quran, part-filtering is an important part of the second book of the agreement," said Fred.

And that makes Fred increasingly interested in the Koran, among other revelations that the creation of the world by God Almighty and the love of mankind.

The Koran makes Fred want to know more about Islam. He was surprised to know that while in the U.S. there are about seven to ten million Muslims. And he was more surprised that the Muslims in the U.S., men and women are people like himself can. Not those terrorists, like hitting women and not tolerant of the views of other people, as he heard this.

Fred jobs often make the move. In each journey, Fred continues to learn about Islam. He visited mosques in Columbus, Ohio, for dialogue with Islamic leaders in Sacramento, California, visit the festival, festival-Islam in Portland, Oregon, or eat together with the Muslims in Tucson, Arizona.

"I find that the Muslim community is a community that warm, caring and want to share whatever they have with me, without hurl questions," said Fred.

Two years later, Fred feel Islam is the religion for the right. He began to search for information about the requirements to become a Muslim. Fred and going for it is quite easy.

"I was asked to say that 'There is no god but Allah and the Prophet Muhammad is the messenger of Allah," the story Fred recall the early return, he became a Muslim.

Fred study with several Muslim prayers. From there he knew, praying five times a day is an opportunity for every Muslim to leave the moment the world affairs and taking the time to direct dialogue with God Almighty.

Fred also learn that there is terrorism anywhere, whether religious or political groups. In Northern Ireland, there is a group of Christian Protestants and Catholics who follow the religion to violence, in the U.S. there are groups of white skin that do the same action on behalf of white supremacy groups and some Christian ultrakonservatif, in South Africa there is a group of white skin that apply apartheid, and many more other groups.

Concerning women, Fred acknowledges that the Koran clearly says that in the eyes of Allah there is no gender difference. If there is still discrimination between men and women in some Muslim countries, it is not only the influence of culture and not the teachings of Islam.

About Jesus, Fred said that many non-Muslims are fascinated by the Koran because the Koran talking about Jesus and Mary with a very respectful. But Islam recognizes Jesus as the only one of the Prophet, which is given by the signs of Allah Almighty, Islam does not regard Jesus as Lord.

"Essentially, Islam is the expansion of Judaism and Christianity, Islam respects both the confidence that. Corroborate what the Koran discussed in the book of old and new covenant and the Gospel, but with evidence that strong. Koran contains matters the consistent, "said Fred. (ln / whyislam)

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