Aisha Canlas, Peaceful Feeling Hearing Voices Adzan

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Aisha Canlas, is the Catholic before becoming a Muslim. Both his parents also Catholic, but when he became a member association of churches that differ with the church both parents. However, they prayed together in front of the image figure men who believed God as a Christian nation. At that time, Canlas often asked, it is the face of God? How can sesorang know what the face of God? Whether they had met with God.

On the other hand, Canlas always felt quiet and peace when adzan hear the voice of a mosque in the city of Manila, Philippines. "I always take the eyes and feel the tranquility although, I do not know the meaning of words in adzan. Adzan voices sound like music in my heart," said Canlas.

But then, he has not thought at all to enter Islam. Canlas eventually wander to Saudi Arabia for work, with the hope that can provide a better future for their families. Before departing to Saudi, Canlas learn many things about Saudi to avoid the shock due to cultural differences and to mingle easily in a country where he worked.

"I learn about the culture, and of the Saudi state as a whole, ranging from language and religion of course. And I start with the religion of Islam and want to know more about Islam," said Canlas.

He admitted the process is quite long embraced Islam. He often asks the doctor in the work of Islam. Then I know that there is a madrasah in the working environment and decided to enroll in the madrasah and began to follow lessons in the madrasah with a friend and fellow sekamarnya on January 17, 2008.

"Initially, I became the center of attention, because my children in the new class and only the Christians who sit with them. I listen to what our teachers are on Islam, al-Quran, and the Messenger of Allah Almighty," Canlas said.

"Since then, I began to understand Islam. Then ask permission to my mother in the Philippines in order to give my blessing to move from a religious disciple to become a Catholic somethings," Canlas row.

Lucky, Canlas not face obstacles from the mother. According to Canlas, his mother was worried when he embraced Islam, he will bury his parents. Canlas on her mother explains that Muslims are very respectful of her parents, particularly mothers.

Canlas confined confession two sentences on 24 January 2008 in front of teachers and students of madrasah other. Canlas pleaded not disclose as to what wounded at that time. "What I know, after bersyahadat I feel my heart apart from a variety of expenses. I feel that during this peace I find in this life. Being a Muslim is quite different taste," said Canlas.

Canlas said, some friends asked him why he embraced Islam. And he said that no one or anything that should be except Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of emissaries.

"Some of them said that I betray my religion that I, Catholic. But in my subconscious that is not true," Canlas said.

Canlas as exciting as a already converted it can fulfill umrah.pada March yesterday. For him, practice noise is a special experience and unforgettable.

"I hope and pray to God Almighty that I can persuade my family to enter Islam also. I want them safe from the fire on the Hour later," please Canlas.

Islam Radio Philippines Activities Islamic Radio Philippines Activities
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We thank Allah for giving us these opportunities to witness more people coming to Islam as individuals and in small and large groups. Alhamdulillah! Allahu akbar! These activities are but some of the many activities Islam Radio Philippines have been involved in. We have also recently been invited to witness and officiate groups who wishes to renew their wedding vows and we offered pre~marriage counseling for them as well.

Other videos in this playlist also features the making of the first ever Muslim radio drama program. These episodes have been recorded and aired four times. We hope you support us to further get more episodes aired in the future, insha Allah.

May Allah guide us in our endeavors and more people are guided to the path of Islam.

sister who is a former Iglesia ni Cristo who embraced Islam. This episode also features the issue of hijab and implications of hearing a woman's voice in public.

Women in Islam is a Filipino-English Language radio formerly aired on DWDD 1134Khz in Manila, Philippines every Thursday from 8pm - 9pm. The program deals with Islamic issues concerning Muslim and non-Muslim women. It is a first of its kind Islamic program by women for women who seek to bring a balanced understanding of Islam and features live interviews from women who have embraced Islam. Any questions or comments about the show can be sent to: We will try to answer the questions in an upcoming program or in email at your request.

Aired on November 7th, 2007 this pilot of the new radio show "The Message" outlines the concept of the show for the listeners as well as giving an overview of some essential facts about Islam.

The Message is an English Language radio talk show formerly aired on DWDD 1134Khz in Manila, Philippines every Thursday from 7pm - 8pm. The program deals with Islamic issues and relates Islam to listeners as Muslim and non-Muslim alike. The Message seeks to bring a balanced understanding of Islam and to eliminate false impressions of Islam given to it by the mass-media, extremist groups and radical evangelical movements.
Any questions or comments about the show can be sent to:
We will try to answer the questions in an upcoming program or in email at your request.

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